11 Short Shag Hairstyles: Cool Styles

Just by looking on some popular short shag hairstyles, you are going to explore more references. Shag style is simple yet tricky cut for any woman. Actually, this shag shape will work perfectly on fine hair. But, we can make it for any hair type as long as applied on correct ways.

Short Shag Hairstyles for Cool Personalities

The shaggy hairstyles can be your coolest expression. Short hair is the best form to initiate a cool idea, just with a few simple touches. We ensure that the style is smooth and sometimes rough in some parts. You continue on the ideal combination of each texture on your head.

a) Short Shag Accentuated Texture
It is such a nice and sweet shape on your head. This is a perfect style for small face as you should make asymmetric bangs on right spots. One thing we can say about this option is a classy look.

b) Short Bob Wavy Hair
Bob cut is one of popular examples. This time, you are going to apply it on your basic shag. Just make it as flattered layers while you make disheveled parts. Make it as natural beauty just by letting it as it seems.

c) Asymmetric Shag
This is about freedom for young women. You will cut your hair and make cute ponytail. Meanwhile, make some messy parts on sides and back. Actually, it is one great example for medium length, but you can make the similar results with short hair.

You can start this shag fashion from short natural hairstyles. There are many examples is that you should be able to apply as basic steps. Later, you can learn more great ideas of this shag fashion.

So, those are some best and cool options for short shag type. Find your own ideal type and put the best effort to make the best of womens short hairstyles.

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